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Fitness Productetbu EMS Body Massager

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    407 * 422 * 887 mm / 15 kg

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    It is a multifunctional massage device that uses 8 channels of low frequency and ultrasonic waves.

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Everyday Energy!!

"Reduced muscle mass causes Sarcopenia"

Tend to your muscles everyday with etbu EMS Body Massager


The EMS Body Massager developed by EtBu Co., Ltd. is a multifunctional massager.

It is helpful for pain relief, circulation, metabolism, regeneration and improve skin elasticity by stimulating the body and muscles with low/medium frequency, ultrasound, and thermo to meet the purpose of stimulation of the body.


1. 8 channels of Low-frequency and Medium Frequency : Five pads available simultaneously

2. 3 channels of Ultrasonic waves : Foot Pad, Knee Pad, Ultrasound probe


3. Smart simple design that goes well together


4. Slim pad design based on human anatomy