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Waterproofing MaterialsCYH-500 Polyurethane foam

Construction & Safety Products Structural Building Materials

  • Model Name

    CYH-500, CY-101, CY-505

  • Specification

    Package : 20kg and 10kg

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    Waterproof agent for preverting the leakage of cracks.

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DescriptionTechnical & Physical Data
CYH-500 is a hydrophobic grout basedFormLiquid type
on polyurethane. ColorDark Brown
Upon contact with water, CYH-500 reacts to Solubility in WaterHydrophobic
closed cell  rubber-like foam while expanding Specific gravity1.1
its volume  up  to 27 times.Viscosity (mPa.s)77
The cured material is of a constant volume.(KS F 4923)
Since water is not a component of the foamMax. Expansion (25)2424%
structure, the cured material is essentially notInduction Time (25℃)15-20 sec
affected by water or dryness. The reacted materialGel Time (25℃)110 sec
does not shrink or swell.  Shear strength (25℃)4 N/mm2
Depending on the pressure of injection,(KS M 3705)
CYH-500 reacts to a  very dense material orAppearanceLight yellow foam
UsesChemical ResistanceResistant to more
Areas of application include:organic Solvent,
▣  Defective concrete (cracked or honeycombed)Mild Acids, Alkali
▣  Concrete jointsShelf Life1 year when
▣  Limestoneunopened and
▣  Water retaining structuresundamaged
▣  Pipe intrusionsStorage ConditionStore in a dry & cool
▣  Waste water tanksplace
▣  Subway tunnelPackaging10, 20 kg/pail
▣  Sewers, Manholes, Utility boxes, etc.
▣  Tunnels, Dams
▣  Soil stabilization
▣  Negative side application possible
▣  Deep penetration into very small cracks
▣  Foam increases in volume to fill cavities and voids
▣  Excellent bond to surfaces
▣  Good adhesive strength, tolerant of movement
▣  Inert after curing, constant volume, no shrinkage
▣  Dose not create new cracks
Important Notes
1. Minimum ambient and substrate temperature
   is 5℃.
2. Material shall be store in a dry cool place.
3. Good storage stability for unopened containers
   at 15℃ ~ 30℃.