2022 KOREA SOURCING FAIR in Thailand

2022-09-28 ~ 2022-09-29

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    20 * 111 * 21.5mm / 200g

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    Soft and powdery texture gives off a natural vibe, easily achieve natural-looking brows.

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The EZ-Wrinkle massaging device transfers positive ions onto the skin surface. Furthermore the vibrations benefit the skin activity and the blood circulation of the skin. The ultrasound also supports the natural metabolism of the skin. In addition in convinces with an easy usage and a modern design. Many anti wrinkle products transfer the active agents to the micrometer area, but mostly there is only a temporary effect. In the long term it doesn’t help to really improve your skin.The EZ-Wrinkle massaging device convinces with intensive use and the long-lasting regeneration of collagen and elastin

within the dermis. The effect is even more promising when using with skincare products like creams or lotions.