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    Black, White, Blue, Pink, Translucency

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    SWEAT BAND keeps sweat out of the eyes and prevents blurred vision. Comfortable and easy to clean.

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  • [PATENTED DESIGN] N-rit Sweat stopper is designed to allow sweat to flow behind the ears. No more running sweat into your eyes and face.
  • [100% SILICON MADE] It is made of 100% safe&non-toxic silicon material, which has excellent adhesion to skin and high form resilience. Sweat stopper gently adhere to your forehead without feeling sticky.
  • [NO MORE SOGGY HEAD-BAND] Since it channels sweat away from eyes and glasses, No need to stop and wipe sweat off you face. or adjust your goggles and glasses during activities. N-rit Sweat stopper perfects for Cycling, Yoga, Running, Gym, Tennis, Climbing, Golf, Squash, Fitness and Working great under any kind of helmets.
  • [SIZE ADJUSTABLE] It has 17ea of holes to adjust size. Anyone from kids to adults can adjust the size of sweat stopper according to one's head size.
  • [EASY TO CLEAN] 100% made of silicon, there is no other material at all such as metal closure or Velcro. Just rinse it with fresh water and dry after using.