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Dental Supplies i-JECT ST

Healthcare & Bio Medical Products

  • Model Name

    i-JECT ST

  • Specification

    200 * 110 mm / 97 g

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  • Introduction

    Smart pain-free automatic syringe for dental anesthesia.

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Introducing i-JECT ST

Benefits of Product 

i-JECT was created through joint research and development with medical device R&BD 
platform at Seoul National University Dental Hospital, of which ergonomic design and the state of the art patented technology will help you with painless anesthesia procedures. 

- The first Gun type of ergonomic design in Korea (better convenience, less fatigue) 
- 85% similar grip feeling with the conventional manual syringe 
- Sterile metal cap (Stainless steel) is provided as standard to reduce the cost of consumables 
- Compatible to Pen type indirect injection 
- The injection speed can be adjusted in 1 ~ 3 steps 
- Ampule cap 360-degree rotation and One-touch push-lock functions 
- Injection volume adjustment function (25, 50, 75, 100%) 
- Needle air removal function 
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85% similar grip feeling with the conventional manual syringe 

i-JECT has developed a grip with the same design as a conventional hand-held syringe for doctors’ easy use. 

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How It Works Pain Relief Algorithm 'PCGT 10sec’ 

i-JECT was released through joint research and joint development with the R&BD platform at Seoul National University Dental Hospital. 

It has an unparalleled advantage over other products in terms of its safety and reliability. 

i-JECT uses the technology and patients who experience it will find remarkably less pain and peaceful anesthesia treatment.