GBSA ('Gyeonggi Business&Science Accelator' hereinafter 'GBSA') provides services ('GBCPRIME.COM' hereinafter 'gbcprime') to protect the personal information of information subjects in accordance with Article 30 of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」 We establish and disclose the following personal information handling policy in order to promptly and smoothly handle related grievances.
Article 1 (Purpose of processing personal information)

The purpose of processing personal information files registered and disclosed by <GBSA> in accordance with Article 32 of the Personal Information Protection Act is as follows.

  • 1. Personal information file name: INQUIRY

    • Purpose of processing personal information: processing related business such as receiving inquiries and linking with companies
    • Collection method: website
    • Basis for retention: consent of information subject
    • Retention period: 5 years
    • Relevant laws: Records on consumer complaints or dispute handling: 3 years, Records on contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years
Article 2 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)
  • <GBSA> processes personal information only within the scope specified in Article 1 (Purpose of processing personal information), and Articles 17 and 18 of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」 such as the consent of the information subject and special provisions of the law We provide personal information to third parties only in cases falling under the provisions of this Article.

  • <GBSA> provides personal information to third parties as follows.

    • 1. < The desired company requested by the buyer (company subject to video consultation) >

      • Persons receiving personal information: Companies subject to video consultation
      • Purpose of use of personal information provided by the recipient: name, company name, occupation
      • Recipient's retention and use period: Destroy without delay after achieving the purpose
      • *Please refer to Article 1, Paragraph 1 for details stored in GBSA for business processing, civil complaints, and business performance.
Article 3 (Consignment of Personal Information Processing)
  • <GBSA> entrusts the following personal information processing tasks for smooth personal information processing.

      Trustee (trustee): GBC
      Details of entrusted work: development of new services (products) and provision of customized services, provision of event and advertisement information, and provision of participation opportunities
      Consignment period: 3 years
      Consignee (trustee): OZCNS, Co., LTD.
      Contents of entrusted work: handling of civil complaints such as identity verification and complaint handling according to the use of membership service
      Consignment period: 5 years
  • <GBSA> prohibits processing of personal information other than for the purpose of performing entrusted work in accordance with Article 26 of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」 at the time of concluding the consignment contract, technical and administrative protection measures, restriction on re-entrustment, management and supervision of the trustee, compensation for damages Responsibilities such as such are specified in documents such as contracts and supervise whether the trustee handles personal information safely.

  • ③ If the contents of the consignment work or the consignee is changed, we will disclose it through this personal information processing policy without delay.

Article 4 (Rights and Duties of Information Subjects and Legal Representatives and Method of Exercising them)
  • ① The information subject can exercise the right to view, correct, delete, and suspend processing of personal information at any time with respect to <GBSA>.

  • ② The exercise of the rights under Paragraph 1 can be done in writing, e-mail, fax, etc. in accordance with Article 41 Paragraph 1 of the Enforcement Decree of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」 for <GBSA>, and <GBSA> will respond without delay I will take action.

  • ③ The exercise of rights pursuant to Paragraph 1 may be done through an agent such as a legal representative of the information subject or a person who has been delegated. In this case, “Personal Information Handling Method Notice (No. You must submit a power of attorney in accordance with the

  • ④ The rights of the information subject may be restricted in accordance with Articles 35 (4) and 37 (2) of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」 for requests to view and stop processing of personal information.

  • ⑤ Request for correction and deletion of personal information cannot be requested if the personal information is specified as a collection target in other laws.

  • <GBSA> confirms whether the person who made the request, such as a request for access, a request for correction or deletion, or a request for suspension of processing, is the person or a legitimate agent according to the rights of the information subject.

Article 5 (Creating items of personal information to be processed)
  • <GBSA> handles the following personal information items.

    • 1. < INQUIRY >
      Required items: email, name, company phone number, position, department, company name, service use record
      Optional items: Matching requirements, etc.

Article 6 (Destruction of personal information)
  • <GBSA> destroys the personal information without delay when the personal information becomes unnecessary, such as when the personal information retention period has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been achieved.

  • ② If the personal information retention period agreed to by the information subject has elapsed or the personal information has to be kept in accordance with other laws despite the achievement of the purpose of processing, move the personal information to a separate database (DB) or change the storage location Conserve otherwise.

    • 1. Legal basis: Articles 40 to 50 of the Personal Information Protection Act (Article 15, Paragraph 1, 2, 3, of the Personal Information Protection Act)
    • 2. Items of personal information to be preserved: application information and application date.
  • ③ The procedure and method of personal information destruction are as follows.

    • 1. Destruction procedure
      <GBSA> selects the personal information for which the reason for destruction occurred, and destroys the personal information with the approval of the personal information protection officer of <GBSA>.
    • 2. Destruction method
      Information in the form of electronic files uses a technical method that cannot reproduce records.
      Personal information printed on paper is shredded with a shredder or destroyed through incineration.
Article 7 (Measures to ensure the safety of personal information)

<GBSA> is taking the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information.

  • 1. Conduct regular self-audits
    To ensure the stability of personal information handling, we conduct regular (quarterly) self-audits.

  • 2. Minimization and training of personnel handling personal information
    We are implementing measures to manage personal information by designating employees who handle personal information and limiting them to the person in charge.

  • 3. Establishment and implementation of internal management plan
    We have established and implemented an internal management plan for safe handling of personal information.

  • 4. Technical measures against hacking, etc
    . <GBSA> ('gbcprime') installs a security program to prevent leakage and damage of personal information caused by hacking or computer viruses, and performs periodic updates and inspections. /Physical monitoring and blocking.

  • 5. Encryption of personal information
    The user's personal information is stored and managed with an encrypted password, so only the user can know it. For important data, a separate security function is used, such as encrypting files and transmission data or using a file lock function.

  • 6. Storage of access records and prevention of forgery
    The records of access to the personal information processing system are kept and managed for at least one year. are managing.
    In addition, a security function is used to prevent forgery, theft, or loss of access records.

  • 7. Restricting access to personal information
    We take necessary measures to control access to personal information by granting, changing, and canceling access rights to the database system that processes personal information, and use an intrusion prevention system to control unauthorized access from outside.

  • 8. Use of locks for document security
    Documents and auxiliary storage media containing personal information are stored in a safe place with a lock.

  • 9. Access control for unauthorized persons
    A separate physical storage location for personal information is established and access control procedures are established and operated.

Article 8 (Matters concerning installation, operation and rejection of automatic personal information collection devices)
  • ① GBSA uses 'cookies' to store and retrieve usage information from time to time to provide users with individually customized services.

  • ② Cookies are a small amount of information sent by the server (http) used to operate the website to the user's computer browser and are also stored on the hard disk of the user's PC computer.
    go. Purpose of use of cookies: These are used to provide optimized information to users by identifying the types of visits and usage of each service and website visited by the user, popular search terms, and whether or not secure access is available.
    me. Installation, operation, and rejection of cookies: You can refuse to store cookies by setting options in the Tools>Internet Options>Personal Information menu at the top of the web browser.
    All. If you refuse to store cookies, you may experience difficulties in using customized services.

Article 9 (Person in charge of personal information protection)
  • ① GBSA is responsible for overall handling of personal information, and designates a person in charge of personal information protection as follows for complaint handling and damage relief of information subjects related to personal information processing.

    • ▶ Person in charge of personal information protection

      • Name: Kim Seok-gu
      • Position: Director of Management Innovation
      • Title: Director
      • Contact : 031-259-6005, -, 031-259-7360
      • ※ You will be connected to the department in charge of personal information protection.
    • ▶ Department in charge of personal information protection

      • Department Name: Public Relations Computer Team
      • Person in charge : Cha Sang-hoon
      • Contact : 031-259-6051, shcha@gbsa.or.kr, 031-259-7360
  • ② The information subject may inquire about all personal information protection related inquiries, complaint handling, damage relief, etc. that occurred while using GBSA's services (or business) to the person in charge of personal information protection and the department in charge. GBSA will respond and handle inquiries from information subjects without delay.

Article 10 (Standards for Judgment of Additional Use and Provision)

<GBSA> In accordance with Article 15 (3) and Article 17 (4) of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」, taking into account the matters pursuant to Article 14-2 of the 「Personal Information Protection Act Enforcement Decree」, additional personal information is added without the consent of the information subject. It can be used and provided.
Accordingly, <GBSA> has considered the following in order to provide additional use and provision without the consent of the information subject.

  • ▶ Whether the purpose of additional use and provision of personal information is related to the original purpose of collection

  • ▶ Whether there is any predictability of additional use or provision in light of the circumstances in which personal information was collected or processing practices

  • ▶ Additional use and restriction of personal information