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Dental Equipment i-JECT ON

Healthcare & Bio Medical Devices

  • Model Name

    i-JECT ON

  • Specification

    200 * 192 * 174 mm / 1.9 kg

  • Color

  • Introduction

    Lidocaine, Manual syringe warmer and manual syringe UV-C sterilizer

  • Certification
    • (Certification_CE) Medihub i-JECT ON.pdf
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i-JECT ON is the optimal temperature control of cartridge and syringe for doctors and patients. 

1. Primary Function: Warmer 

The primary function is lidocaine ampule, manual syringe, i-JECT ampule cap Warming. Temperature maintains about 30 Celsius, it settles down the displeasure when metal reaches the dental part. Also keep lidocaine ampule 33~35 Celsius degree, which affects optimal pain relief when lidocaine injection. If lidocaine is too cold, it may cause inconvenience and pain from the temperature difference. 30 Celsius is Houns recommend temperature which allows lidocaine storage without component changes. Houns is i-JECT ON's development advisor as well as manufacturer of lidocaine. 


2. Secondary Function: UV-C Sterilizer 

The secondary function is UV-C Sterilization for manual syringe and metal ampule cap. After autoclave, i-JECT ON prevents cross-infection from virus and germ. It also has voice notifications 'Start Sterilizaiton', and 'Sterilization is complete'. And it gives patients to relax and helps to advertise. We choose a detachable lidocaine ampule tray for Transparent tray and it is washable. Verify under sterilization or not with the button. During sterilization : Blue light, Sterilization Complete : Greenlight.