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Digital Camera High-tier Thermal Fever Screening System

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    120 * 100 * 240 mm / 0.9 kg

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    World's best thermal fever screening system for COVID-19 with best performance

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It is world's best high-tier screening thermography(Thermal Fever Screening System) for COVID-19.

It is made in South Korea(Thermal detector + technology are all 100% South Korean), and it is being exported to USA, Canada, and the Caribbean.

It is the best solution for the places where mass screening is needed like airport, train station, shopping mall etc.


- Best Temperature accuracy : <0.2℃

- Best Temperature stability : <0.1℃

- Max. measurement distance : 1~16m

- Max. detection number : 16 points of moving people, 48 points of standing people

- Can detect all areas of face(not only the front face, but also the side, back face) or skin

- Detects the Core Temperature of people

- Equipped with world’s first miniature BB scouter(doesn’t need any external blackbody)

- Does not need any warm up time, precise monitoring is available in 15 seconds.


Temperature measurement range: 0.0℃ ~ 50.0℃

Thermal resolution: ≤50mK

Angle of view: 49 °(H) x 36 °(V)

Infrared wavelength: 7 14 Microns

FPA, Uncooled Microbolometer

Infrared image resolution: 384x288 pixels

Visible image resolution: 1,280x720 pixels

Accuracy: <0.2℃

Stability: <0.1℃

Alarm response: <0.1s