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Emergency Lightsfyse Portable Emergency Flashlight

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    31 * 38 * 180 mm / 150 g

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    To safely evacuate, Not only the light but also a wet smoke-proof mask & a speaker for an emergency.

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All system of fyse’s portable emergency flashlight  activates automatically,
simple to find and easy to use.
Just focus on your quick and safe evacuation.

Every year there were more than 100 fire accidents in a day and the number of casualties and property damage keeps increasing every year. The most critical reason for fire casualties is caused during the evacuation or inhaling toxic gas or smoke and it's shown in the recent fire accident statistics that said 60% of fire casualties happened during the evacuation or inhalation of toxic gas or smoke in the last few years. From this we can see what we need in the fire is to evacuate fast and in the correct way. We provide the fire-fighting supply that anyone can easily use in an urgent situation and has a distinctive design from other companies. Helping to protect people’s lives & property from fire accidents, minimizing the number of fire casualties is our fundamental purpose of the product.



fyse’s portable emergency flashlight contains a wet smoke-proof mask that can be worn easily in urgent situations and minimizes people to inhale less smoke and toxic gas. Furthermore, we use the Li-Mn battery which has a low self-discharge rate and lasts more than 10 years. Especially, this is the first flashlight with a silicone lens that strongly resists heat & impact and has great performance of illuminance. All this detail helps safe and quick evacuation from fire.







- Product Name : Portable Emergency Flashlight
- Model : TNEA2312 (With a wet smoke-proof mask)
- Dimensions : W31 x D38 x H180 (mm, HOLDER INCLUDE)
- Material : Flame Retardant ABS
- Runtime : 60min
- Power : 3V, 1.6Ah (INCLUDE)
- Origin : South Korea






(1) Wet Smoke-Proof Mask


◦ A wet smoke-proof mask is mounted on the lower part of the product to help people inhale less smoke and toxic gas. 
◦ The lower part cap can be removed easily by turning it in one direction and a green grip mask wire is applied to help people wear it quickly.
◦ The wet smoke-proof mask has a great filter performance.
◦ Maintaining a mask in the humidity with eco-friendly ingredients that do not contain any toxic chemicals or chemical components such as sterilization preservatives. 



(2) Lighting & Stored Light System


◦ A stored light sign makes people quickly find the flashlight during the blackout or when they are in the dark.
◦ The light is applied to a high luminance LED to make clear visibility from the fire smoke.
◦ It activates for over 60 minutes and can be used for more than 10 years by the official approval of the li-mn battery. 



(3) Sound System


◦ It has a 90dB speaker which can people ask for help while they cover their mouth and nose.
◦ It uses a speech IC chip, not a cheap buzzer, so that can make the various sounds of alarms and languages. 







One portable emergency flashlight, one holder for flashlight, one stored light sign, a warranty and hole guide for drilling in the wall, an installation instruction, 2 screws for the holder.

- Mark the place to drill the screws by using the hole guide for drilling.
- After removing it, put the holder on the wall and drill the screws where you marked.
- Place the portable emergency flashlight in the holder.
- Add the stored light sign on the upper side of the flashlight.
* The hole guide can be combined with the holder and used as instruction during the evacuation.
* The flashlight will turn the sound and lighting system on until placed in the holder. This is not a malfunction.






- Take the flashlight from the holder.
- Turn the lower part of it to pull a wet smoke-proof mask.
- Cover your mouth with the mask or wear it on your both ears.
- The flashlight activates from the moment when you take it from the holder so that you can evacuate quickly as possible, there is no need to operate it.
- After completing the evacuation, turn the middle part of the product to separate it and remove the battery to turn off all the systems of the flashlight.
* There is no switch to make an efficient evacuation & doesn't waste any time for the operation.




The statistics of casualties from the fire show that it occurs mainly from inhalation of smoke and toxic gas. The toxic gas from fire includes carbon monoxide which obstructs oxygen delivery in blood and causes death at any minute when a person inhales it.  This happens a lot in our life. The portable emergency flashlight from fyse contains a wet smoke-proof mask that can be worn easily in urgent situations and minimizes people to inhale less smoke and toxic gas. This portable emergency flashlight secures the golden hour to evacuate people fast and safely.



A safe future with fyse,
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