2022 KOREA SOURCING FAIR in Thailand

2022-09-28 ~ 2022-09-29
Shower HeadAqua Duo Blossom Filter Shower

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  • Model Name

    SF-580 BLOSSOM

  • Specification


  • Color

    Yellow, Pink, Purple, Gray, Green, Carrot, Apple Mint, Hawaiian Blue, Olive, Burgundy, Black, White

  • Introduction

    High water purification effect using a PLA material 3-stage filter and Excellent interior effect.

  • Certification
    • (Certification_Patent)Blossom Filter Shower.pdf
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The Aqua Duo Blossom Filter Shower 

the only eco-friendly product in Korea that has been made using PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) in the existing PP for the first time in Korea, 

by combining a three-stage filter (patent 226265) to maximize water purification function and increase filter life by two to three times.

The body is treated with two post-processings, visually luxurious mattness, tactility is soft and non-slip, 

and it is also excellent for interior effects by allowing you to check the discoloration of the filter through various colors (nine colors) and glass windows.

It is developed and produced directly by its technology, so it can increase the price competition rate. 

In particular, the three-stage filter is a patented technology, 

which has a life span of two to three times higher than the existing stick type filter, which can greatly reduce consumer costs.

Environmental marker certification, KC hygiene safety certification, filter water purifier patent, three-stage filter patent. 

It is a product that consumers can use safely.