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2022-09-28 ~ 2022-09-29
Cookware Aqua Duo Kitchen sink water purification head

Consumer Products Kitchen & Dining Products

  • Model Name

    SF-7000 a handy/goose neck /flexible

  • Specification

    62ø * 177㎜

  • Color

  • Introduction

    Filter harmful substances in the water to provide clean water

  • Certification
    • (Certification_Patent)Kitchen sink water purification head.pdf
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A product which can be used by filtering harmful impurities of water supplied by being mounted in handy and flexible according to the faucet of a kitchen sink with a primary body and a secondary head filter using a filter of PLA material (biodegradable plastic), and can be sprayed by spraying water spraying methods in three ways: outside, center, and mixing according to use.