2022 KOREA SOURCING FAIR in Thailand

2022-09-28 ~ 2022-09-29
Frozen FoodBAO FOOD Muscle Mandu(Dumplings)

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  • Model Name

    Muscle Mandu(Dumplings)

  • Specification

    1 pack 168g

  • Color

  • Introduction

    Muscle KOKO Mandu / Muscle Curry Mandu / Muscle Fish Mandu / Muscle White Kidney Bean Mandu

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1. Expiration date: Within 9 months from the date of manufacture

2. Product characteristics Not only the metabolism and body composition of balanced human body, but also the taste characteristics and ingredients of raw materials for a long time.It's a food that was born. It's not just about calories, but also about health. I carefully studied the nutritional balance of ingredients and the harmony of taste.

   - All Muscle Dumplings Gluten Free   

   - Using product packages and certified green dumpling tray products

   - Manufactured safely and cleanly at HACCP certified facilities

   - Use only domestic ingredients except for ingredients that are difficult to supply in Korea.

   - Use Non GMO products only

   -Muscle Mandu 4 types of Patent Registration Products

   -Muscle KOKO Mandu  Selected by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

   -Development of 100% pure vegetable vegan dumplings (No bean meat! Grind real beans with the same texture as rice cake)

   - High-protein, low-fat, low-calorie products developed based on health and safety

   - Microwave in 3 minutes. simple meal

   - Cook immediately after thawing and taste it

   - Products that can be enjoyed healthily without guilt with various ingredients in dumplings.