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Other Environmental ProductsDW Eco-fiber Stone-filling Aqua Mesh Bag unit DW Eco-fiber Stone-filling Aqua Mesh Bag Unit

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    2400 * 550 mm (4 ton) / 3000 * 700 mm (8 ton)

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    Controls Erosion and prevents Scour in river or seas and fixes Marine Cable, and Pipe Lines

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DW Eco-Fiber Stone-filling Mesh Bag

DW Eco-Fiber Stone-filling Mesh Bag is an eco-friendly product that controls Erosion and prevents Scour of rivers or seas, and fixes Marine Cable stable in deep sea by filling the bag made in Raschel shape using high-strength PE fiber.


DW Eco-Fiber Stone-filling Mesh Bag is a porous structure made of high-strength eco-friendly special fibers woven into a Raschel mesh structure and packed in a bag shape to contain stones, and filled with amber stone, cobblestone or rubble stone (aggregate) inside the mesh bag. It is a subsidiary material used for embankment, shoreline, underlay, and coastal erosion prevention, Marine communication, Electric cable cover, etc.

Our Fiber Stone Mesh Bag generally uses a load bag with a standard of 1Ton~16Ton, but more specifications can also be applied. In addition, the material of our Fiber stone mesh bag used by our company is pure virgin PE, not recycled material, so it does not cause secondary environmental pollution, and its quality is very strong, and safe product with only one burst without chain burst, because the mesh net is sealed individually, even if it breaks in one place due to carelessness during work.


It is used for erosion control of rivers or coasts, prevention of sub-clavings of underwater structures, stable fixtures of underwater cables or pipelines, or for fixing leaked oil-proof bands by filling the fiber Rachel network with stones.


It has a lifespan of more than 30 years after installation inside the water and about 20 years after installation outside from the water. Since this is a stable structure that is individually installed and fixed as a whole, the construction quality after installation is excellent.


The vertical load of the product can be 1 ton up to 24 tons.