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Vacuum Packing Machine dooVAC MVO 301

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  • Model Name

    MVO 301

  • Specification

    1200 * 825 * 500 mm / 300Kg

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  • Introduction

    Oil circulation rotary vane vacuum pump, basic structure consists of rotor, vane and cylinder.

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MVO 301

This product is an oil circulating rotary vane vacuum pump and its basic structure is composed of rotor, vane and cylinder. The center of the rotor is eccentrically assembled to the center of the cylinder, and the three vanes rotated in a state of being closely attached to the inner wall of the cylinder by the centrifugal force. At this time, a space is created between the vane and the vane, creating vacuum throughout the four steps of suction, expansion, compression, and exhaust by changing the volume of the space. The oil supply is constantly supplied by the differential pressure inside the cylinder, eliminating the need for a separate oil injection pump. The exhaust air containing oil is firstly discharged into the oil sump, and 99.9% of the oil is recovered when circulating through the oil dust filter installed at the upper part of the oil sump, and only the clean air is exhausted. The versatile application in various industries is one of its advantages such as food packing, vacuum packing, medical area, vacuum transporting, TV tube, laboratory, etc.


1. The backflow prevention valve is installed to the inlet port.

2. Oil mist filter is installed to exhaust the clean air.

3. The low vibration and noise that can fit to any environments or conditions.

4. The reduced power and weight in coupling connection type by utilizing the flange typed motor.