2022 KOREA SOURCING FAIR in Thailand

2022-09-28 ~ 2022-09-29
Roadway Safety Products Illuminant Road Traffic Signboard

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  • Specification

    700mm Wide * 700mm long * 60mm height

  • Color

    Black, Whtie, Red

  • Introduction

    luminant road sign using optical-fiber

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1. Product Characteristics I

First success of fiber-optic inserting ROBOT development in the world and registration of

Patent and Utility Model

Hyo-sung General Co. Ltd. is a first company to develop fiber-optic automatically inserting

ROBOT system in the world

Success of popularization of price of illuminating fiber-optic which has been recognized as

expensive and managed by hand-made


Manufacturing Method and Abstract of Patent


Inserting fiber- optic in the designed figure in detail(within error range ±0.02mm) just like

dotting point method by using automating ROBOT system

Expression of image, which visually delicate, dynamic and colorful, composed by LED

illuminating various colors connected to a bundle of fiber-optic and by microchip to control it




Even though the effect of illuminating effect is remarkable the consumption power is just

within 5~10w/m²(for instance, the consumption power per 1 normal fluorescent light bulb is


By the reason of low power consumption, it is possible to use solar cell with no other power

source(In case of signboard, the consumption power is about 2w)


2. Product Characteristics II

Expected Effect


Economic Feasibility: No worry about electricity charge burden by the remarkable low power


Safety: No harm to health because of no influence of electromagnetic wave effect,

transmitting only light similar to a real solar light

Functionality: Variable illuminating performances, simple construction by light weight and

simple A/S by constant uniformity

Eco-friendly: Illuminating without thermal effect, contributing to carbon free by remarkable

low power consumption


3. Product Characteristics III

Main Products


Illuminating solar cell road signboard => traffic signboard, safety signboard, new address


Illuminating solar cell road safety structure => illuminating safety fence, illuminating road

safety curb

POP illuminating advertisement => luxury brand channel, POP advertisement, signboard

Illuminating landscape => city emblem lighting, underground lighting

Event lighting => picket, shoulder girdle, costume, cap, bag and fashion etc.




Green growth product diminishing carbon emission quantity drastically by using extremely

low power

Eco-friendly product transmitting natural light of solar light frequency band without heat

Patent product and registered items by Public Procurement Office






4. Fiber-optic + LED Illuminating Features

Korean Patented new Technology


Realizing reasonable cost fiber optic LED illuminating product by automatic ROBOT

manufacturing system of which technology is firstly developed and commercialized in the world

In terms of quality and price , our product has differentiation from conventional LED and LED

panel made in China and China OEM product by using already commercialized technology


Remarkably low power consumption


1/10 less power consumption than conventional LED product in condition of the same area

and same illumination, make contribution to green growth policy of government

customer satisfaction with price , quality and after sales service


Made in Korea Product


Minimized number of LED bulb leads to minimizing heat loss and less power consumption

and possible to long time use safely

Fiber-optic illuminating device produced by automatic ROBOT system with high quality ,

reliability and safety.

Quality excellence


Separation between ‘source of light(LED)’ and ‘illuminating part(fiber-optic)’, its structure

simple and compact, gives a guarantee of optimization

Physical and electric durability , stability of fiber optic product are safer than conventional

LED type with complicated circuit and our fiber optic product has very low failure rate

Excellent Visibility


Excellent visibility in bad weather such as snowy, rainy, foggy and even long distance and light

straightness from our fiber-optic product is much more superior than conventional LED product

No harm to human health because of no electromagnetic wave , transmitting light only similar

to sun light