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Other Medical EquipmentTherion™ Microwave Plasma Animal Therapy

Healthcare & Bio Medical Devices

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    395 * 352 * 280 mm / 9.3kg

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    Medical devices that use microwave plasma for infections, wounds, and dental treatment in animals

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Very Effective Pain Treatment


Differentiated skin treatment effect using high-density radical production & skin penetration (over 10mm) electromagnetic adjustment enables very effective pain treatment.


Excellent Wound/Skin Treatment Effect


Compared to conventional similar technologies, oxygen radicals and activated atoms, Hydroxyl Radials, Ultra-Violet Photons, etc.

can be generated in the treatment area, enabling superior local wound treatment and skin treatment.


A Breakthrough Pain Treatment Effect


Differentiated From Laser/Ultrasound Treatment Devices


Microwave electromagnetic waves can control the depth of skin penetration (~Several mm) due to the coupling effect in the skin, so local temperature rise effect on the treatment area improves blood circulation and anti-inflammatory effect is expected.

Muscle relaxation effect due to Bio Stimulation is expected due to the occurrence of oscillating ionized streamers (~5or less).


Ozone Free

It was certified as an ozone-free product without worrying about ozone through an ozone generation test by an accredited institution KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory).


Characteristics of BST Pain Treatment Device


1. Effective pain treatment is possible by controlling the treatment temperature (30 to 50°C) according to local/depth (Coupling effect)

2. Treatment depth (more than 10mm) can be controlled to treat various pain

3. Safe treatment technology without skin damage due to low temperature treatment effect

4. Large-area treatment in large areas is possible with various nozzle sizes

5. Minimum treatment time, 5 minutes / Once visited


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