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Portable Lighting Smoke Penetrating Lantern (LLA-200)

Construction & Safety Products Lighting Fixtures

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  • Specification

    75*66*166mm less than 390g (including its battery)

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  • Introduction

    The product is for use by on patrol in darkened sites of fire, disaster sites, anti-crime patrols

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제품정보 1 [Smoke penetrating Lantern (LLA-200)]

1. Able to See Through 300 Meters Ahead at Night with Bright Light (10W Cree LED)


2. Built-In Lifesaving Alert System for Personal Safety

-When a firefighter or patroller isn’t moving due to suffocation or

external attack (shock), the lifesaving alert system sends a

powerful LED flashing signal and 3 rescue signals after 10~15

seconds to request for rescue.


3. Built-In Laser Point


4. IP67 Rating


5. Heat-Resistant Frame Resistance Against High Heat

(Use of Flame Retardant)


6. Firm Aluminum Housing’s Projection Part for escaping

after breaking the window


7. Light Weight of 390g for Wearing on Top of Working Clothes


8. Use of Lithium Ion Battery for Repeated Charging


9. Cradle Charging-Type for Easy and Convenient Charging



Equipment Data





Battery Cradle