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Basic Cosmetics(Skincare)HUBISLAB A.C Clearing Purifying Gel

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  • Model Name

  • Specification

    300mm wide * 1260mm long / 15g

  • Color

    White, Green

  • Introduction

    Blemish, acne, and skin trouble care gel

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Special Features

[Blemish, acne, and skin trouble care gel] Niacinamide and tocopheryl acetate, which are excellent for antioxidant effects, prevent skin damage and relieve blemishes, acnes, and skin troubles.

[Sebum control and moisturizing] Betaine, a raw material purified from sugar cane roots, penetrates deep into the skin, creates a protective film, improves moisturizing, and Zinc PCA controls excess sebum.

[Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect] Beta glucan, which is involved in skin immunity, has excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing moisturizing effects. Portulaca oleracea extract and tea tree leaf oil which act as anti-inflammatory antibacterial agents, relieve and prevent acne symptoms

Active Ingredients

[Betaine] Has excellent ability to penetrate skin cells and has an anti-inflammatory effect, it helps soothe the skin, prevents moisture loss, and is effective in moisturizing. [Niacinamide] Hydrates the skin, delays aging, and is used to treat acne and redness patients. It is an ingredient that does not develop drug resistance and can produce better results for acne treatment than antibiotics.

[Beta-Glucan] Compound extracted from fungi and grains that strengthens the immune system and works as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent

[Zinc PCA] Moisturizes the skin and regulates sebum production, thereby controlling excess oil buildup. lt is very effective against acne and eczema

[Tocopheryl Acetate] Has skin soothing, hydrating, and antioxidant effects [Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil] Natural alcohol that melts excessively secreted sebum. Blemish and skin trouble can be relieved because it eradicates bacteria