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    180㎜ * 180㎜ * 0.012㎜

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    Block contaminants by punching micropores in the polymer film.

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1. Product Information

Micro-holes were drilled in the polymer film used as snack or retort food packaging.

We have the technology to drill micrometer holes (millions of a meter).

Through this technique, the perforated film becomes a filter.

This is called a ‘polymer air filter’.


2. Product features

'Polymer air filter' has different functions and characteristics from existing non-woven filters.


1) Contaminant blocking

'Polymer air filter' is perforated with a hole of 5or less.

Contaminants larger than 5can be blocked.

In particular, it has the functions of blocking 99.9% of pollen, blocking splashes, and blocking fine dust.


2) Reusable.

If it gets dirty, it can be reused immediately by washing it with water and drying it. 

Taking advantage of these characteristics, the polymer air filter can be used from 6 months to 1 year.


3) Thin and light

Due to the nature of the film, it is light and thin. 

One sheet is enough to get the dust removal effect.


4) Moisture blocking possible

It is capable of blocking moisture, including splashes.

It has the function of preventing virus movement by droplets.


5) Good air flow

There are 180,000 micro holes per square centimeter. This is effective in improving airflow. 

The air permeability is 3 times better than the general filter (melt brown).

3. Product utilization

Mostly applicable to products where filters are used.

It has already been applied to masks and air purifiers and is being sold.

In addition, vacuum filters, window filters, industrial filters, etc. can be used.