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Baby Safety ProductGUARDY Protable Electronic Mosquito Repeller

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    Size : 32mm * 246mm * 11mm, Weight : 20g

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    Extensive frequency band, three-step crossover technology to control mosquitoes.

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We use a wide-ranging frequency band, which makes this device effectively control a variety of mosquitoes worldwide. We also use the three staged crossover technology solely developed by our company to deal with the three areas of sound, and the consequent cross oscillating effect enables a strong control of mosquitoes.


Furthermore, the oscillation of carrier waves designed to prevent mosquitoes’ tolerance to the sound realizes strong durable effects.

Mosquitoes live mainly on the liquids of plants and honey water. However, female mosquitoes during the breeding season need the blood of a warm-blooded animal to provide enough nutrition to their eggs. Male mosquitoes chase after female mosquitoes for mating regardless of female mosquitoes’ conditions. Thus, female mosquitoes guard against male mosquitoes and avoid them to protect their eggs. Guardy exactly recreates the frequency that male mosquitoes make when they fly. 

On average, it controls the activities of female mosquitoes by 70%, although the actual effect can vary depending on the noise level of surroundings, climate and the type of mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes recognize the sound of Guardy as that of male mosquitoes, which makes them refrain from stings. They either avoid the device or cannot suck the blood because of tension.


Mosquito insecticides derived from synthetic ingredients such as pyrethroids, carbamate, and diethyltoluamide can be toxic to a human body because they are made to kill living creatures with chemicals. 

GUARDY KOREA studies and strives to make the insecticide that is pro-environmental and safe to a human body.