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2022-09-28 ~ 2022-09-29
Metal Furniture PAVO Pavo Chair and Desk

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  • Specification

    W505 * D480 * H745~825 / 7KG

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  • Introduction

    3-level height adjustable chair for classrooms. Korea’s first knob type of adjuster.

  • Certification
    • (Certifataion_ISO9001andPatents)Hansung School Furniture.pdf
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Pavo Desk and Chair


[Pavo Series]


- 3-level height adjustable desk and chair for classrooms.

- Item No. & Dimension

HPAVO-DH01: Pavo height adjustable desk with bookbox W650XD450XH640~760

HPAVO-DH02: Pavo height adjustable desk with bookbox W600XD400XH640~760

HPAVO-DH03: Pavo height adjustable desk w/o bookbox W650XD450XH640~760

HPAVO-DH04: Pavo height adjustable desk w/o bookbox W600XD400XH640~760

HPAVO-CH01: Pavo height adjustable chair W505XD480XH745~825


[Pavo Desk and Chair Details]


1. Made in Korea.

2. Patent registered.

3. Dimension (mm)

1) Chair: W505XD480XH745~825

2) Desk: W650XD450XH640~760 / W600XD400XH640~760mm

(* 3-level height adjustable)

4. Options

1) Shell color: Blue

2) Desk top color

- 650X450: Beach

- 600X400: Beach, Blue, Pink, Green

3) Other options: Bookbox, Modesty panel

4. Materials

1) Chair: PP, Steel

2) Desk: MDF, HPL, TPU, PP, Steel

3) Modesty panel: ABS

5. Weight: Chair 7kg / Desk 11.5kg

6. Stacking: Chair 5pcs






1. 3-level height adjustable.

Level 3: Desk 760mm / Seat 460mm

Level 2: Desk 700mm / Seat 420mm

Level 1: Desk 640mm / Seat 380mm

2. Easy height adjustment by Korea’s first knob type of adjuster.

(* Patent registered)

3. Non-slip glides attached.

4. Chair designed to put on a desk easily without turning upside down while cleaning the space.

5. Air holes on the seat for a pleasant seating experience even for a long time.

6. Bag holders on both sides and a groove for pencils on the desk top, which are designed with meticulous care for students' convenience.

7. Integrally molded urethane edges reinforcing the product’s long lasting durability, seamless look,

and users’ safety as well.


[Loading Quantity]


Knocked-down: 480 set / 40ft container

Complete unit: 240 set / 40ft container