2022 KOREA SOURCING FAIR in Thailand

2022-09-28 ~ 2022-09-29
Metal Furniture MULTI HIPACK Pavo Desk and Chair

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  • Model Name

  • Specification

    W480 * D435 * H805 / 4.7KG

  • Color

    White, Grey, Black, Green, Red

  • Introduction

    Seat designed with ergonomics in mind. Detachable extra lumbar support is also available.

  • Certification
    • (Certifataion_ISO9001andPatents)Hansung School Furniture.pdf
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Multi Hipack Chair


[Multi Hipack Chair Series]


- Ergonomically curved seat for your comfort even for a long time of sitting.

- Detachable lumbar support* to reinforce the back support. (* Optional item)

- Multiple bases suitable for all kinds of spaces such as a classroom, a conference room, a multi-purpose space, etc.

- Item No.

HSMR-S: Multi Hipack 4-Leg Chair

HSMR-M: Multi Hipack Sled Chair

HSMR-AR: Multi Hipack Caster Chair

HSMR-RO: Multi Hipack 5-Star Chair

HSMR-ARO: Multi Hipack 5-Star Chair with Arms


[Multi Hipack 4-Leg Chair Details]


1. Made in Korea.

2. Patent registered.

3. Dimension (mm): W480XD435XH805

4. Options

1) Seat colors: White, Grey, Black, Green, Red

2) Base: 4-leg, Caster, Sled, 5-star

3) Other options: Arms

5. Materials

1) Seat: PP

2) Base: Steel

3) Glides: PP

6. Weight: 4.7kg

7. Stacking: 12pcs



 - Modern colors create a calm atmosphere which increases concentration.

- Ergonomically curved seat and flexible back for your comfort.

- Easy movement with a handle hole on shell.

- Stackable up to 12pcs in a row.


[Loading Quantity]


Knocked-down: 1400pcs / 40ft container

Complete unit: 1040pcs / 40ft container