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    The DX GAS is usable widely for bright annealing of low carbon steel.

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Protective GAS Genetator


Protective GAS Genetator

The protective GAS generators use as material gas for EN or DX GAS, and ammonia, town gas or natual gas for AM gas.

The EN and AM gas generators use the easy-to-change Erema heating elements.


01. EN Gas Generator (Endothermic)

The EN GAS is prepared by cracking a gas mixture comprising air and a hydro carbon such as natural gas, propane or butane through a high temperature reactor containing a Ni catalyst.

It contains H2 and Co and it is a reducing and carburizing gas.

It is optimum for the carburizing, recarburizing, and Non-oxidative quenching, it is characterized by that the carbon concentration on the surface of product to be treated can be adjustable only by adjusting the dew point, i.e. moisture contect.

It can performs the carburization and nitriding by Co using ammonia gas.


02. DX Gas Generator (Exothermic)

The DX GAS is prepared by burning incompletely hydrocarbon or coke over gas with air and usable widely for bright annealing of low carbon steel.

And nonferrous metals, NON-oxidative annealing of intermediate carbon steel, brazing, etc.


03. AM GAS Generator (Ammonia GAS)

The AM GAS is produced by cracking anhydrous ammonia at a higher temperature in the presence of a Ni catalyst.

It is composed of 75% H2, and 25% N2 and usable in place of hydrogen gas.

The gas as such has a dew point of -40℃ so that no special desiccator is required.

When the dew point should be reduced, a gas having a dew point of lower than -70℃ can be provided by combining the gas generator with a hydrogen purifier.

It us usable for bright annealing, sintering, brazing, etc. of various metals and alloys.​