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    ANC Searies

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    Double Wall Freezing allows ice to form on both the inside and outside of the wall of evaporator

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Cracked ice machines introduce many benefits for which patents have been applied. 

The ANC series is an economical, effective, stable and optimal ICE MACHINE. 

All purpose, hard cracked ICE is best for high requirement users: food display, bakeries, supermarkets, hotels, farming, seafood, poultry, packers and processors. 



        Double Wall Freezing allows ice to form on both the inside and outside of the wall of evaporator for maximum production and fast recovery.

        Evaporator in ANYICE Cracked Ice machine provide for easy clean-ability and corrosion resistance through the use of high-Quality stainless steel for water and ice contact surfaces.

    The design of this most important part contributes to the efficiency and low cost of operation.

        Water Distributors are easy to clean and remove.

        Crusher is made from thick solid 304 stainless steel bars inserted all the way through the heavy shaft and welded on both sides.

        Water Tank and Integrated ICE Shoot are constructed of stainless steel for long life and durability.

        Water Consumption is most efficient because ice making water is re-circulate by a pump from the stainless-steel sump(reservoir), where proper water level is maintained by a float valve.




         Double walled vertical tube evaporator for maximum efficiency and production

       High efficiency compressor used

       Hot gas defrosts for rapid harvest and production(10min/cycle)

       PLC control and LCD display

       High durability and sanitary condition using stainless steel

       Higher production efficiency through reuse of created ice particles

       Self-contained, remote and skid-mounted units available