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2022-09-28 ~ 2022-09-29
Other Security & Protection Products MTR-8000

Electrical Equipment, Electronic Devices & Telecommunicaton Security & Protection

  • Model Name

  • Specification

    84 mm * 136 mm * 22 mm / 300 g (wth Bracket)

  • Color

  • Introduction

    General type R/F ID card reader

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MTR-8000, a general type R/F ID card reader, has a sleek design and is equipped with a 2.8-inch graphic LCD display that helps users check normal operation status of communication, (standalone type, RS485, TCP/IP) – the device flickers when disconnected -, the door status, (whether it is open/closed), card recognition status, R/F ID card recognition status, and its operation status – the device flickers under normal operating conditions -. Furthermore, it also allows users to use other functions such as registration/deregistration of R/F ID cards & passwords, setting IDs and deleting devices using numbers, *, and # buttons on the touch screen pad.