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2022-09-28 ~ 2022-09-29
Air PurifiersAir-Fit Air Purfification Sterilizer

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  • Specification

    300 mm(W) * 315 mm(L) * 1196 mm(H) / 27 kg

  • Color

    White, Dark Gray

  • Introduction

    Sterilize the source of air pollution by forming OH radical with TiO2 photocatalyst and UV LED

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    • (Certification_CE)Air Purfification Sterilizer Air-Fit30.pdf
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Air-Fit Air sterilizer

Air-Fit air sterilizers are used in indoor spaces such as houses, offices, libraries, hospitals, schools, etc
It is a CE-certified "air purification sterilizer for multi-use facilities" that can remove various organic substances such as harmful gases, suspended bacteria, and viruses as well as harmful air and dust in the air.

Nano coating technology and heat treatment technology were applied (transfer of technology) to increase the sterilization effect of titanium dioxide (TiO2) photocatalytic, and light reflective plate was applied to maximize UV LED sterilization efficiency.
In addition, the sterilization power is further enhanced by adding normal visible light LEDs. Existing photocatalysts can absorb light only in the ultraviolet region, but by adding general visible light LEDs, sterilization power has also been increased in the visible light region.

The filter is also equipped with a quadruple filter (copper ion antibacterial filter, pre-filter, activated carbon filter, hepa filter (H13) to remove germs, viruses, large dust, suspended solids, harmful gases, odors of life, fine dust, and ultrafine dust (0.3 μm) and can fit any space.

The Air-Fit30 and Air-Fit50 have casters at the bottom, making it easy for consumers to move to the space they want.
Sterilized air can be supplied to the upper side through the outlet guide to provide air to every corner of the installation site in four directions.



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