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Other Health Care ProductsCheonsan Samtaegeuk Cheonsan Samtaegeuk Brown S

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  • Model Name

    Brown S 6 types

  • Specification

    Belt (M : 107Cm*16Cm /115g, L : 120Cm*16Cm /12)

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  • Introduction

    A product that generates heat when worn directly on the skin without external heat sources.

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Features for 6 types of Cheonsan Samtaegeuk S Brown, A belt and protector that generates heat when worn directly on the skin without the need for any external heat source.


Made of the finest neoprene fabric, even the largest belt weighs 123g, making it light and easy to carry. It is not exposed to electromagnetic waves because heat is generated by the self-heating material patented in Korea, the United States, Japan, and China. It passed all safety inspections through FITI, an international testing and research institute, and received good evaluations for radioactivity and radon tests with values below the standard.

The product composition consists of a belt, neck protector, wrist protector, elbow protector, knee protector, and ankle protector.

As a textile product, separate KC certification is not required and it has passed the safety test.


* Durability: 6 types of Cheonsan Samtaegeuk S Brown products are the ultimate in durability. Using the finest neoprene and velcrofabric, it has excellent elasticity and is not easily torn. Since the product has its own antibacterial and deodorizing ability, it can always be used hygienically.

* Precautions for Use : 6 types of CheonsanSamtaegeukS Brown generates heat only at body temperature with self-heating and functional additives using graphene and nano-inorganic materials, so the time may vary depending on the current condition, health, and environment of the wearer. We recommend that you refrain from washing the product with wet tissue containing chemical substances and hand wash lightly with a wet towel or mild detergent. Avoid wearing on areas where external wounds have not healed or children.