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2022-09-28 ~ 2022-09-29
Health FoodKITTOLIFE Eye Zone

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    5cm*5cm*9.5cm / 700mg(60tablets)

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    Grapefruit enzyme fermentation extract (KL-GEFE). Helps improve dry eyes and helps with eye care.

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Eye Zone Plus


Grapefruit Enzyme Fermentation Extract (KL-GEFE)


Manufactured based on domestic technology and tested for human function "by improving dry eyes”
It is a help eye care product, which is recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety association as an individual recognized health functional food and ingredient;
Keep your dry eyes healthy with KL-GEFE, an eye health ingredient!


Functional Information

- It will improve dry eyes and help eye care.


Main Ingredients

- Grapefruit Enzyme Fermentation Extract (KL-GEFE)
(Individually certified as a health functional food material from the Food and Drug Administration)


Taking Method

- 1 Day 2 Times, Take 1 Tablet with water



- 700 mg x 60 tablets (40 g)