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Facial Mask PackMODAM 2Step Ashwagandha Fermented Mask

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    A bottle of ampoule contains MODAM Ashwagandha. Multi-functional mask sheet whitening and wrinkles.

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-Step 1 Modam Moringa vitamin C 8.7 Ampoule
High concentration impact ampoule to be applied before using Step 2 mask sheet. It contains Moringa oil, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and natural vitamin C 8.7% (British vitamin C), provides skin elasticity, moisturizing, smoothing the skin corneous, and as well as sufficient moisture. It is a synergy ampoule that supplies moisture and helps absorb the mask pack and enhances the effect
-Step 2 Modam Ashwagandha fermented mask 
A bottle (25ml) of ampoule contains MODAM Ashwagandha. Modam Ashwagandha research and develop source and principle for healthy and beautiful skin based on several thousands of historical Indian Ayurveda and modern delicate biology. 
 Modam use Ashwaganda, raw material Modam import directly from India, is called “Indian ginseng” (i.e. 50 times of saponin-containing than Korean ginseng), which is rare ingredients in Korean cosmetics. 
 It contains Moringa oil and extracts, called the tree for non-old & long-life or miracle trees. It also contains the fermented essence by Modam (Stevia, Moringa, Graviola, Green Tea, Angelica, broiler bark, licorice, cypress leaf, wormwood leaves, eoseongcho), that Is a multi- functional mask sheet which improves whitening and wrinkles prescribed with high concentration.
 It is an exquisite mask pack made of birch sap and precious liquid, which contains the ingredients for promoting metabolism and important to the skin such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and with many micro elements. Cupra premium mask sheet provides rich nutrition and intensive moisture hydrating effect with excellent adhesion.